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2. Ödül, Çanakkale Karasal Sayısal Yayın Kulesi Proje Yarışması

Mimari Proje Raporu (EN):

The project for a new antenna tower and public viewpoint upon the hillside of Çanakkale will synthesize modern-day communication, rich cultural heritage and dramatic public experience of the surroundings within a distinct, yet subtle form.

Envisioned not only as a beautiful sculpture from afar, but also as a destination in itself fusing historic context with contemporary experience, the project creates an architecture that is grounded in place while being connected with the world.

To solve the complexity of the task at hand while utilizing the natural richness of the site, the project consists of three distinct elements.

The Ring creates a dramatic horizontal public experience from the inner core of the mountain side and all the way out into the suspended treetops, offering spectacular views to the various historic and natural landmarks.

The Tower creates an exclusive vertical experience of a public exterior lift within its inner core while providing the necessary infrastructural elements of TV and radio signal reception, all wrapped within a sleek fiberglass weave that creates an elegantly iconic structure while being harmless to signal interference.

The Landscape is the foundational element between the horizontal and the vertical, in which all building program is inserted into the mountainside to preserve the natural landscape, while strengthening the context as a unique visitor experience.

Envisioned as an elegant tower and ring of light, the project aims to communicate both public experience and modern-day communication. Viewed from meters away, or from ships crossing the Bosphorus Strait, the universal symbolism of the infrastructure represents unification between Europe and Asia, Turkey and the World.

The entire public realm is designed within a simple plan consisting of a single oval space carved into mountain - providing panoramic framed views of Çanakkale and the Bosphorus Strait. The low ceiling enhances the experience of a cave-like interior. Upon venturing outside, an elegant terrace for enjoying coffee or simply reading a book extends naturally out of the mountainside floor.

Proje Yeri: Çanakkale
Proje Tipi: Anıt / Simge Yapı
Proje Tipi Grubu: 2. Ödül

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