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1. Mansiyon, Çanakkale Karasal Sayısal Yayın Kulesi Proje Yarışması

Teğet Mimarlık tarafından tasarlanan proje 1. mansiyon ödülüne layık görüldü.


Observable occurence, any event that is observable

In today's nanotech society, phenomenon is almost lost. In the XYZ tower, we are calling it back, in the larger sense of the word 'observation', to be the trivial part of human experience via long forgotten bodily senses. Extensions to out bodies, the cameras, tablets, smart phones with their incredible capabilities to register what is around us do not surprise us anymore. Ironically, what is magical for us today, especially to kids, is phenomenon itself that is shining to our bare eyes.

XYZ tower is both an object to be observed from out and a subject to observe from within. The functions it assumes while holding the Antenna up in the air, are those of our pocket devices, blown up to building scale enveloping our physical bodies as if we are strolling inside these machines.

Proje Yeri: Çanakkale
Proje Tipi: Anıt / Simge Yapı
Proje Tipi Grubu: 1. Mansiyon
Danışman: Yonca Çeltikçi, Mehmet Okutan, Muharrem Akbulut, Lütfi Kutluay, Öykü Kocaman

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